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2018 Annual Meeting and Field Trip

Old Wine in New Bottles

Active tectonics and landslides

in an ancient orogen

Headquarters:  Boone, NC

Dates: October 5-7, 2018

Field trip leaders: Rick Wooten, Kevin Stewart, and Jesse Hill

The 79th meeting of the Carolina Geological Society will be held October 5-7, 2018 in the area of Boone, NC, under the leadership of:

Rick Wooten (North Carolina Geological Survey)

Kevin Stewart (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)

Jesse Hill University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)

Ellen Cowan (Appalachian State University)

Keith Seramur (Appalachian State University)

Anne Witt (Virginia Division of Mineral Resources).

The one and a half day field trip will examine the relationships between tectonic history, landscape evolution and slope movement processes - faults, lineaments, rock slides and debris flows.


This trip examines the construction of the geospatial legacy of the August 13-14, 1940 tropical cyclone in Watauga County: impacts of the storm as seen on the current landscape – lessons from the past for the future.  Landslide hazard mapping in Watauga County identified over 2,100 landslides, mainly debris, flows, that were triggered by rainfall from a tropical cyclone that passed over the area during August 13-14, 1940. 

1.Debris flows had direct impacts on a total area about 3.68km2 (1.42mi2), 

2.Landslides killed 14 people, destroyed or damaged 32 structures and severed U.S. 421 in 21 places. 

  1. 3.Floods destroyed 90% of the bridges

What We Will See (in no particular order)

Extent and areas affected by debris flows triggered by rainfall from the August 13-14, 1940 tropical cyclone: 

Remnants of the 1940 debris flow scars and deposits and related geomorphology.

Pleistocene debris fan deposits (footslope of Rich Mountain)

Contaminated site involving Pleistocene debris fan deposits and saprolite.  Investigation of contaminant migration through a diamictons/saprolite aquifer on the footslope of Rich Mountain.

Influences of bedrock structure on the Blue Ridge Escarpment (Deep Gap re-entrant) and debris flow occurrence.

Mesoproterozoic metaplutonic rocks and Neoproterozoic metasediments within the Grandfather Mountain Window.  Mesoproterozoic basement gneisses and Neoproterozoic-early Paleozoic metasediments in the overlying Fork Ridge and Gossan Lead thrusts sheets.

Bedrock structures and fabrics related to rock slope stability along the Linville Falls and Boone faults, including a stop at the Vulcan Materials Boone Quarry.

Active, slow-moving, weathered-rock slide (Hwy 105 near Old Watauga High School)

Larry’s Potato Rock???


Hotel Information:  The headquarters hotel for this year’s meeting is the LaQuinta Inn and Suites, 165 Highway 105 Extension, Boone, NC 28607.  Telephone 828-262-1234.

You are responsible for making your own room reservations.  There is a block of rooms reserved for the CGS meeting, but you MUST mention CGS.  The special CGS rate is $170.00+tax.  Cheaper rooms can be found at the LaQuinta Inn’s sister property, the adjacent Sleep Inn, 163 Highway 105 Extension, Boone, NC 28607, telephone 828-262-0020 .  Both hotels are next to one another.  Buses will leave from their combined parking lot.

In 2014, the CGS Board of Directors approved a change in the pricing for the annual meeting.  If you are an active member in good standing in CGS, you can register at a lower price than non-members.  Non-members must pay a higher price to offset the cost of processing their registration.  IF YOU ARE UNSURE IF YOUR MEMBERSHIP IN THE SOCIETY IS ACTIVE AND UP-TO-DATE, PLEASE INQUIRE WITH CGS SECRETARY-TREASURER TYLER CLARK AT:

This year’s prices are as follows:

                                                Members    Non-members    Reduced*

Friday Welcome Party               FREE                  FREE                FREE

Saturday Field Trip                     $85                     $95                  $30

Sunday Field Trip                        $75                     $85                  $20

Guidebook                                   $20                     $20                  $20 

*the Reduced Rate is intended for all active students (high, middle school or college), active high school earth science educators, or retirees.

Registration NOW OPEN : CLICK HERE!

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