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2017 Annual Meeting and Field Trip

Ramping Through the Piedmont:

The Hyco Shear Zone and associated hanging wall rocks

in north-central North Carolina



Headquarters: Hampton Inn, Roxboro, NC

Dates: November 3-5, 2017

Field trip leader: Jim Hibbard, Phil Bradley, and Brent Owens

The 78th meeting of the Carolina Geological Society will be held November 3-5th in the area of Roxboro, NC, under the leadership of Jim Hibbard (North Carolina State University), Phil Bradley (North Carolina Geological Survey) and Brent Owens (College of William and Mary). The one and a half day field trip will examine the geometry, kinematics, timing, and significance of the Hyco shear zone and the geology of associated hanging wall rocks of the Carolina terrane between Yanceyville, NC, and Virgilina, VA.

The Hyco shear zone is a major mid-crustal thrust that places Neoproterozoic Gondwanan arc rocks of Carolinia on Ordovician rocks of the Milton-Chopawamsic arc, formed on the Gondwanan side of Iapetus.  The shear zone formed during the Carboniferous collision of North America with Africa, a stage in the formation of the supercontinent Pangea.

On Saturday, the trip will traverse a segment of the shear zone from the footwall Ordovician Milton terrane into the hanging wall Precambrian Carolina terrane. On Sunday, participants will have a choice of two options, both of which highlight the geology of the hanging wall Carolina terrane. One option will involve a morning hike to view an unusual kyanite-chloritoid-quartz rock that likely represents a metamorphosed volcanic alteration zone. The other option offers stops to view well-preserved volcanic arc rocks and a trace fossil locality in the Carolina terrane.

For both days of the trip, short hikes to some of the stops will involve moderate inclines, short bushwacks, and some stops will be along streams, where waterproof footwear will be advantageous.

Anticipated stops will include opportunities to

  1. Observe the effects of the Carboniferous collision of North American and Africa   

     on rocks of the North Carolina Piedmont

• View a spectacular map scale sigma porphyroclast in the shear zone

• Learn how high resolution U-Pb geochronology confirms field interpretations

       and how it places tight constraints on the timing of shear zone activity

• Examine how the regional geometry of the shear zone controls the local sense of

       relative motion (kinematics) detected in the field

• See Larry’s potato rock

• Visit a kyanite(!) occurrence in the low grade Carolina terrane

•  Tour a Precambrian trace fossil locale

•  Fondle exceptionally fresh Precambrian magmatic arc volcanic deposits


Hotel Information:  You are responsible for making your own room reservations.  There is a block of rooms reserved for the CGS meeting, but you MUST mention CGS.  The special CGS rate is $109.00+tax.  Cheaper rooms can be found at the Hampton Inn’s sister property, the adjacent Innkeeper ($79.00+tax).  Both hotels are next to one another.

In 2014, the CGS Board of Directors approved a change in the pricing for the annual meeting.  If you are an active member in good standing in CGS, you can register at a lower price than non-members.  Non-members must pay a higher price to offset the cost of processing their registration.  IF YOU ARE UNSURE IF YOUR MEMBERSHIP IN THE SOCIETY IS ACTIVE AND UP-TO-DATE, PLEASE INQUIRE WITH CGS SECRETARY-TREASURER TYLER CLARK AT:

This year’s prices are as follows:

                                                Members    Non-members    Reduced*

Friday Welcome Party               FREE                  FREE                FREE

Saturday Field Trip                     $80                     $90                  $30

Sunday Field Trip                        $70                     $80                  $20

Guidebook                                   $20                     $20                  $20 

  1. 1.*the Reduced Rate is intended for all active students (high, middle school or college), active high school earth science educators, or retirees.

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