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The Carolina Geological Society has published guidebooks since 1952.  No guidebooks were produced from 1937-1951; usually only a short road log with a brief description of localities. Some copies are available from the Society's headquarters.  Most guidebooks have been printed and distributed by other organizations or individuals.

ORIGINAL HARD COPIES: Some of the earlier guidebooks are out-of-print, however many are still available for purchase through the North Carolina or South Carolina Geological Surveys.  If you would like to purchase an original, inquiries should be made to the source listed for that particular guidebook.  Most guidebooks are housed in the Duke University Perkins Library. Some are listed under the call number: q 557.56 C292G (year).  Ask your librarian about inter-library loan.

DIGITAL COPIES: All CGS guidebooks are available as downloadable Adobe Acrobat .pdf files from this website.  All of the older guidebooks were retyped and reformatted, as the poor quality of the originals did not allow for scanning or optical character recognition.  As a result, the paginations of many guidebook versions presented on this web site differ from those of the originals. Persons who cite pages or figures from a guidebook as seen on the CGS website should specifically refer to the version on the CGS website.

TROUBLE LOADING GUIDEBOOK PAGES?  The Guidebook pages are best viewed when using a strong graphics-capable web browser such as Firefox or Safari.  Older versions of Internet Explorer may have trouble completely loading the guidebook pages.  If you experience this problem, please upgrade to the most recent version of Internet Explorer, or switch to another browser.

DISCLAIMER: All figures have been scanned and incorporated into the text near the place where first cited. Many figures have been reduced from the original size and even rearranged on the page. The photographs were the most difficult to reproduce, and one should not expect the quality to be as good as in the original guidebook. Many tables have been put into a format that differs from the originals. All guidebooks have been spell checked, but errors in spelling of non-dictionary words and proper names may occur. Minor errors of spelling that occured in the originals were corrected.

DIGITAL MAPS:  Most of the large maps accompanying some guidebooks are also available as .tif downloads in grayscale or bitmap mode.  The bitmap ones can be opened with your browser, but the grayscale ones are best viewed with an image processor such as Photoshop. The .tif maps are suitable to print at full original size with a large format plotter. All map files are available in .pdf format.  Some can be printed at 8.5” x 11,” others will have to be reduced in the Print command to fit 8.5” x 11” paper. 

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Click below to browse CGS Guidebooks by Decade:

1950s    1960s    1970s    1980s    1990s    2000s    2010s