Group Registration information

Automatic group registration is not available at this time using the registration website.

When registering a small group (2-5 people), you can enter each participant as a separate transaction.  It is important that we get the name of each participant for name tags and registration tracking.


For large groups, we request you fill out a spreadsheet (like the example below) with the group leader and each participant and each registration item clearly listed in the table. Email the completed spreadsheet to with a Subject line of Group Registration List.

Example Group Registration Spreadsheet

Payments for large groups.

Payments can be in two ways:

  1. send a paper check to CGS with a paper copy of the spreadsheet filled out above. Contact a CGS Board Member at: for the current mailing address.

2. the registration items can be entered below for an online payment. You will have to enter at least one of each registration item. Quantity of each item can be adjusted in the cart. Please double check that payment is correct for all participants and items ordered.

Group Registration Items:

Member Rates

Non-Member Rates

Reduced Rate