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2010        State: SC

Coastal Processes Field Trip: Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, and Edisto Beach State Park

by Miles O. Hayes, Jacqueline Michel, and Tim Kana

This rare September field trip introduced participants to the general geomorphology and coastal processes of the South Carolina Coast, with specific stops concerning inlet migration and transgressive barrier island complexes.   42 pages.

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 gb 2010.pdf

2011        State: NC

Geology, Natural Gas Potential, and Mineral Resources of Lee, Chatham, and Moore Counties, North Carolina

by Timothy W. Clark, Kenneth B. Taylor, and Philip J. Bradley

Stops included outcrops of the Late Triassic Sanford, Cumnock, and Pekin Formations, as well as an abandoned 19th-century coal mine, some of the oldest plant fossils in North Carolina, a discussion on the potential energy resources in the area from shale gas, and pyrite collecting from a nearby pyrophyllite quarry.   42 pages.

Hard copy source: Out of print

gb 2011.pdf

2012        State: SC

Geologic Studies of the Inner Piedmont, Brevarrd Zone, and Blue RIdge, South Carolina and North Carolina

by John M. Garihan, William A. Ranson, Suresh Muthukrishnan, James L. Bridgeman, and Tom Goforth

Hard copy source: Out of print 

gb 2012.pdf

2013        State: NC

One Arc, Two Arcs, Old Arc, New Arc: The Carolina Terrane in Central North Carolina

edited by  James Hibbard and Jeff Pollock

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gb 2013.pdf

2014        State: SC and NC

Recognizing the Cambrian Rheic margin of Carolinia in the Kings Mountain terrane 

by Allen Dennis

The field trip will focus on the characteristics of the Rheic passive margin of Carolinia as the terrane rifted from Amazonian Gondwana in the Cambrian, and will review recent geochronology completed in the Kings Mountain terrane.  The trip will also include a stop across the central Piedmont shear zone in the Hallman-Beam spodumene pegmatite mine in Bessemer City, North Carolina.

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gb 2014.pdf

2014        State: SC and NC

The Geology of Crowders Mountain State Park, North Carolina – A Guide for the Non-Geologist

by Phil Bradley

Prepared in conjunction with the 2014 Carolina Geological Society’s Annual Field Trip, this document explains the Geology of the Crowders Mountain State Park area with terms and explanations geared towards those with little to no geologic knowledge.  Contains two (2) pull-out 11” x 17” geologic maps.

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2015        State: SC

Tectonic History of the Eastern Piedmont in South Carolina

by Donald T. Secor,Jr., C. Scott Howard, and Robert H. Morrow IV

CGS2015 Guidebook

2016       State: NC

Geology of the Mount Rogers area, revisited, Blue Ridge, VA–NC–TN

by Arthur J. Merschat, Christopher S. Holm-Denoma, Jamie Levine, Ryan J. McAleer, Scott Southworth, and Crystal G. Wilson

The 2016 CGS field trip was held to honor Douglas W. Rankin for his contributions to our understanding of the Mt. Rogers area and southern Appalachian tectonics.

Hard copy source: Price $22.00 Contact CGS Secretary-Treasurer

CGS2016 guidebook.pdf

2017       State: NC

Ramping Through the Piedmont

by James Hibbard, Philip Bradley, and Brent Owens

The theme of the 2017 Carolina Geological Society Annual Meeting and Field Trip was the Hyco shear zone and associated rocks in the Appalachian Piedmont of north central North Carolina. The shear zone was first recognized by the North Carolina State University tectonics research group more than twenty-five years ago. Significant portions of the shear zone and surrounding geology were mapped and studied by Jim Hibbard and his students.

CGS2017 Guidebook.pdf

CGS2017 Field Trip Stop Map.pdf

2018       State: NC

Old Wine in new Bottles: Active tectonics And Active Landscapes in an Ancient Orgen

Guidebook Editors: Kevin Stewart Rick Wooten

The theme of this field trip is integrating basic and applied research, and the need for one to build upon the other. On this trip we will see how the geologic disciplines of structural geology and tectonics, geo- morphology, slope stability, and hydrogeology, all un- derpinned by basic geologic mapping, can be brought to bear on answering questions and solving problems.

CGS2018 Guidebook.pdf

CGS2018 Field Trip Stop Map.pdf

2019       State: SC and NC

Gravitational collapse of the Paleozoic thrust stack and later hinterland-directed Alleghanian (?) back thrusting, Inner Piedmont, South Carolina & North Carolina.

Trip leaders: Jack Garihan, Scott Brame, and Bill Ranson

CGS2019 Guidebook.pdf

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