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2020        State: SC

CGS Virtual Coastal Geology Field Trip 2020
Long Bay’s Changing Coast

by Till J.J. Hanebuth- Associate Professor of Coastal and Marine Geology & Team: JT Durica, M. Fink, J. Long, E. Meyers, P. Silveira and others. Coastal Geosystems Research Lab Coastal Carolina University

2020 was a virtual meeting. The 2020 meeting was hosted by Western Carolina University, at no cost to the Society. The event was held over three nights from December 1st through 3rd, and included the annual business meeting, a virtual field trip, and a panel discussion on careers in geology for students.

The slides and a recording from the presentation of the virtual coastal geology field trip to Long Bay’s Changing Coast in SC are below.

 Presentation Slides.pdf

Zoom recording of 2020 Virtual Field Trip on YouTube