2022 Headquarters and Lodging – updated August 9, 2022

Headquarters for the excursion will be Hendersonville, NC.

Friday’s Member meeting will be held at the Blue Ridge Conference Hall (49 East Campus Drive Flat Rock, NC 28731), which is also where we will be meeting the buses Saturday and Sunday mornings. On Friday, registration opens at 5:00 PM.

There will be no designated headquarters hotel, so participants will be responsible for securing their own lodging. 

We have purposely set the dates of the field trip early this year to avoid the peak Fall leaf coloring, and to allow participants to have the wonderful experience of seeing berries on the vines just prior to harvesting. 

We encourage you to make reservations early, though, in case the Fall leaf season is premature.  In addition, Hendersonville is the center of apple production in North Carolina, and our excursion will coincide with peak apple harvest time, further reason for making early lodging reservations.  A good listing of hotels/motels in the Hendersonville area can be found on the following website:  https://www.visithendersonvillenc.org/.   

Camping sites can be found by Googling “Tent camping in Henderson County, NC.”